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The theme for Project 4 is "Communities at Work." Sometimes inspired by creative non-ficiton, other times by documentary filmmaking, these videos take up the idea of community broadly defined--from family relations to the community bar.


"The Chop Suey Generation"

Ian Chin



College—Bar—Town: A Different Kind of Community

Allie Ditkowich



Behind the Scenes: The Realities of
the Injured Athlete

Meghan Donohue



Transfer Students

Kortney Kavanagh


Dear Mama

Eunji Kim



Mother May I?

Heather LaPeer

Otto's Army, Boehmeimburg, and
Syracuse's Sports Culture

Dan Lyons


Matthew Marina


Communities at Work

Terrie Monto


Heart is Where the Home Is

Soriana Stern


The Secular Student Alliance

Justin Trimm


140 Facts About My Twitter

Benjamin Zender