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Inspired by Cathy Davidson's Now Your See It, the videos below explore Davidson's ideas through a variety of social and political issues—from Occupy Wall Street to the role of schooling in our lives.


On Occupy Wall Street

Ian Chin



Technology: Reacting to the Distracting

Allie Ditkowich



Beyond the Hill and Into the Street

Meghan Donohue



Digital Innovation in the Digital Age

Kortney Kavanagh

Applying Davidson's Theory to the Bridal World

Eunji Kim


Not Dis-Abled, Differently Abled

Heather LaPeer

The Right Fit

Dan Lyons

New School Gorilla Tactics

Matthew Marina

Education: Perceptions and Decisions

Terrie Monto

It Was All a Dream: Coming to Syracuse

Soriana Stern

How We Learn

Justin Trimm

Syracuse's Rise

Benjamin Zender