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Infomatics 303: Writing Across Media
Spring 2011
Tuesday/Thursday 12:30-1:45;
On Tuesdays, we will meet in the Oregon Computer Lab, 901 West Oregon;
On Thursdays, we will meet in the Nevada Lab,1203 1/2 West Nevada


introduction: what’s the point?
How often do you stop to think about the medium in which you are communicating? How does using a specific medium affect the way you write? What does it mean to "read" an image? How does our use of technology shape the way we communicate? What theories inform our relationships with media?  

The ability to communicate effectively through multiple types of media is a crucial part of literacy in our society. In Writing Across Media, we will explore the intersections between various media: print, film, images, sound, etc. Through the course, we will develop an approach to understanding and composing multimedia products while attempting to identify (and challenge) the implicit conventions of media. Along the way, we will consider the ways in which writing (as an object and as a practice) is shaped by these multimodal interactions from both theoretical and practical perspectives. By integrating practical activities with broader theoretical issues, we will work on developing effective strategies for designing multimedia presentations that integrate text, photography, video, and sound.

No prior experience is necessary. Course readings are available on e-reserve or will be provided to you. Additional information is available on the course website, http://patrickberry.com/wam11, and on the class blog, http://patrickberry.com/wam11/blog.

During the first weeks of the semester, we'll be joined by Jon Stone, one of the first instructors of WAM and on the steering committee for the course, who will co-teach a few classes.


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