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@Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY
WRT 114: Writing Culture, Creative Nonfiction, Fall 2016 , Fall 2015

WRT 413: Rhetoric and Ethics, Fall 2014

WRT 340: Advanced Editing Studio, Intertext, Fall 2014

WRT 205:
Critical Research and Inquiry, Spring 2014

WRT 340: Advanced Editing Studio, Intertext, Sping 2014

CCR 632: Composition On and Off the Page, Fall 2013

WRT 400: Rhetorical Listening and Composition, Fall 2013

CCR 732: Literate Lives, Digital Times, Spring 2013

WRT 340: Advanced Editing Studio, Intertext, Sping 2012

WRT 302: Digital Writing, Digitally Composed, Fall 2012

WRT 307: Professional Writing
, Fall 2012

WRT 205: Critical Research and Inquiry
, Spring 2012

WRT 340: Advanced Editing Studio, Intertext, Sping 2012

WRT 400: Writing with Video and Across Media
, Fall 2011

CCR 611: Composition Histories and Theories, Fall 2011

@Danville Area Community College and Danville Correctional Center, Danville IL
English 101: Process, Performance, and Publication, Spring 2011

@University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Informatics 303: Writing Across Media, Fall 2010
Supported development of course exploring composition with sound, images, animation, and other media, while reconsidering theoretical perspectives on conventional rhetorical concepts such as authorship, audience, process, revision, and design.

University of Illinois Writing Project, Summer 2008, Summer 2009, Summer 2010, and Summer 2011
Taught community teachers in university-sponsored Summer Institute on how to compose and teach with digital media.

English 482: Writing Technologies, Spring 2010
Explored historical and theoretical accounts of writing as a material practice that is shaped by technology.

English 390: Writing for a Change: For Business, For Life, Education Justice Project, Spring 2009
Designed and taught upper-level writing course that brought together writing process pedagogy with professional writing at a medium-high security prison.

Tutor & Workshop Leader, Education Justice Project, Spring 2009-Present
Provide writing support to incarcerated students at the Danville Correctional Center.

English 481: Writing Theory and Pedagogy, Fall 2008
Teaching Assistant for Gail E. Hawisher.

Writing Across the Curriculum Seminar for Teaching Assistants, Spring 2006-Fall 2009

English 402: Descriptive English Grammar, Spring 2007 and Fall 2007
Teaching Assistant for Gail E. Hawisher

Communications Workshop, Mid-America Earthquake Center, Spring 2006, Summer 2007

English 505: Writing Studies 1, Social Contexts and Functions of Writing, Fall 2006
Lab Assistant for Gail E. Hawisher

BTW 275: Writing Across Media, Fall 2005
Developed advanced professional writing course that integrates new media theory with multimedia composing. In the summer of 2008, Writing Across Media became an elective course for the Informatics minor, supported by the Illinois Informatics Institute, and in 2009, it became an advanced composition course in the university's general education curriculum.

BTW 250: Introduction to Professional Writing: Fall 2004, Spring 2005

@Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
Writing Analysis and Persuasion, Center for Gifted and Talented Youth, Summer 2011

Crafting the Essay, Center for Gifted and Talented Youth, Summer 2008

@Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
Digital Media Specialist, Digital Media and Composition, Summer 2007
Assisted rhetoric and composition scholars in exploring effective uses of digital media in college
composition classrooms.

@City University of New York, Brooklyn College
CORE 6: Introduction to World Literature, Fall 1999

ENG 1: Composition 1, Spring 1998

ENG 4: Basic Writing, Fall 1998

Tutor, Learning Center, Fall 1998

@New York University, Publishing Program, New York, NY
Magazine Production and Manufacturing: Fall 1998, Spring 1999, Summer 1999
Designed course that offers comprehensive study of magazine production from prepress to press.

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