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(re)voicing teaching and learning in Paseo Boricua

What does it mean to take a "narrative approach" to exploring school, community, and literacy? When Alexandra Cavallaro and I were in a graduate seminar on inquiry-based learning, we thought about this question a great deal as we heard stories about the Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos High School (PACHS) in the Paseo Boricua neighborhood of Chicago and the efforts that were being made there to extend learning beyond the space of school. (re)voicing teaching and learning in Paseo Boricua is a short film that we created with teachers, administrators, and students. One teacher, Elaine Vazquez, joined us as coauthor on this video, which was presented at the fifth annual Community as Intellectual Space symposium in June of 2009. View the video here or click on any of the images below.

revoicing revoicing revoicing

multimodality in 60 seconds
In the summer of 2007, while attending Ohio State University's Digital Media and Composition Institute, I was asked to use video to consider multimodality--in 60 seconds! Working with footage of my daughter learning to write Chinese characters, I began to think about how easy it has become to erase the traces of our labor. View multimodality in 60 seconds.

multimodal multimodal multimodal

rick bats: coffee, goth culture, & the life of a DJ
In the fall of 2005, I worked with a media group led by documentary filmmaker Maria Lovett (now Assistant Professor in Curriculum and Instruction at Florida International University) at the University of Illinois. She and Joseph Squier, Professor of Narrative Media at the University of Illinois, were developing Writing with Video, a course that has proven extremely popular with both students and teachers. Our media group not only discussed the course, but also did the assignments. For one, which focused on how we represent others on video when introducing them to people who don't know them, I interviewed Rick Bats, a cafe worker and goth musician extraordinaire in my town. Rick, who advised on the editing, joins me as coauthor in this video that explores his literacy history, life, and work as a DJ. View the video here or click on any of the images below.

rick bats bike Palace

moving the world: a celebration of writing and community
On December 16, 2009, students from the Education Justice Project, a university prison program at the University of Illinois, participated in a symposium at the Danville Correctional Center. Cory Holding and I had the pleasure of serving as curators for this event that celebrated students' participation in the National Gallery of Writing. Click on the images below for different media related to this event. moving the world chip bruce Scott Filkins's response
moving the world program moving the world moving the world program

writing for a change: a journal of student work, education justice project

In the spring of 2009, I taught "Writing for a Change: for business, for life," an upper-level writing course with the Education Justice Project, a university prison program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The class concluded with a symposium and this journal of student work.

design and redesign
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